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When it comes to job search and career transition, think of your actions in terms of marketing a consumer brand.  However, in this situation, the brand is “Me, Inc.”.  Without a clear message that truly differentiates the brand, there is nothing to compel the marketplace to “buy” the product.  Furthermore, it is not enough to have a strong message – consistent visibility is extremely important.  Without this ongoing presence in the marketplace, the product – “you” – will get lost among the competition. Finally, unless you are selling to a diverse group, your potential “buyers” will be limited and you therefore need to broaden your audience.

Personal BrandingAt its core, job search is an exercise in project management and personal branding.  To be successful, you must develop a timeline, milestones, metrics, action items, a budget and an overall strategy.  With this in mind, these 3 key components should serve as your guide, throughout this “project”:

  • Clarity
  • Visibility
  • Diversity

By focusing in these areas, you will accelerate your search, building credibility and positioning yourself as an expert in your domain.

Why TurningPoint

San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles professionals rely on TurningPoint to secure a unique and challenging position in an organization that offers a cultural fit, a high level of integrity and a competitive salary.

The TurningPoint Commitment to Candidates:

  • Delivering access to exclusive, hidden and confidential searches
  • Offering relevant, local and real-time market intelligence
  • Providing honest and effective analysis of resume writing and interviewing skills
  • Conducting in-person client meetings
  • Presenting comprehensive position descriptions and cultural assessments for each job opening
  • Communicating expectations and client feedback throughout the interviewing process
  • Utilizing cutting edge search technology to match company culture and technical needs with specific candidate criteria

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